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  1. Sku: 80-ABA-SMA048

    Abaco Apron With Pocket And Velcro

    A must have heavy duty apron for all Stonemasons. Made of a double layer of the highest quality material for added protection. Front Velcro strips allow for quick access to polishing pads, saving valuable time.
  2. Sku: 80-ALP-APRON3012

    Alpha Waterproof Apron

    The Alpha Apron is uniquely designed to prevent the polishing worker from getting wet. Made of strong vinyl material, this apron is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. A flexible waistband keeps it in place so there aren't any strings or knots to deal with. The Alpha Apron can also be used to keep the dust associated with dry polishing from your clothing.
  3. Sku: 80-ALP-APRON0900

    Alpha - Oxford Fabric (D900) PU Coated Waterproof Apron

    The Alpha Oxford Fabric (D900) PU Coated Waterproof Apron is a bright neon yellow color providing greater visibility, for better safety in busy, darker indoor shop environments. Whether the apron is used in wet or dry environments, it will protect from dust, water and other chemicals such as polishing slurry.
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3 Item(s)