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  1. Sku: 51-OMN-A100-040

    Omni Lam Clamp A100-040 - 10" - 10 Count

    The Lam-Clamp™ has revolutionized countertop edge laminations by exceeding traditional methods in efficiency, seam quality, and durability. The Lam-Clamp's patented design features hidden clamp threads, which protects them from epoxy contamination, so they outlast any other clamps on the market.
  2. Sku: 51-OMN-MTR-144

    Omni Miter-It Original Clamp

    The Miter-It™ clamp is an easy-to-use jig that allows finished-side-up miter laminations. Not flipping the material offers numerous benefits including increased safety for workers, reduced risk of damage to the material, and keeping the seam in view during lamination. The clamp offers coarse and fine adjustment settings for achieving exact and tight seams.
  3. Sku: 51-OMN-MTR-144C

    Omni Miter-It Corner Clamp

    Miter-It Corner Clamp
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3 Item(s)